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HVAC System for Guinea Hotel Project

The construction area of Guinea Karum Hotel is about 40,000m2. It is constructed with the 5-star standard. It is currently the only 5-star hotel invested and managed by Chinese people in west Africa, it is one of the best hotels. Because of this, the hotel's HVAC systems: central air-conditioning and other supporting facilities have also attracted much attention.


Guinea ’s average annual temperature is high, which needs long cooling time. And the hotel need the HVAC system has stable and energy-saving performance. Based on this, Sparkey recommends the magnetic suspension central air-conditioning solution which had obtain the project party's recognition.


The magnetic suspension central air conditioner replaces traditional metals with oil bearing with magnetic suspension bearings. The compressor does not directly contact the bearings. Thus, it eliminates mechanical friction loss, so that the equipment does not need to rely on lubricating oil during runtime, which reduces the failure rate. It carries out of the energy saving 50%, it has the advantages of low consumption, efficient and stable running, and the use of aerospace materials, the service life of the equipment is 30 years.


The magnetic suspension frequency conversion compressor is adopted to achieve continuous intelligent adjustment of 2%-100%of the unit, controlling the temperature of the water to ± 0.1 ° C, and the temperature fluctuates small, providing a more comfortable rest environment for customers.

At present, the Magnetic Suspended Central Air Conditioning in Guinea has been running stably for 2 years, and has been well received by customers.

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