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HVAC Systems for Russia Gymnasium Project

Relying on the leading full frequency conversion technology, excellent product quality, professional and perfect localization services and other advantages, Sparkey Air Conditioning has successfully won the bid for 7 of the 12 venues of 2018 Russian Major Sports Events, becoming the most popular central air conditioner brand for the gymnasium projects.


Sparkey provides central air conditioning HVAC products such as full DC frequency conversion intelligent VRV systems, high-efficiency falling film water-cooled screw chillers, and fan coil units according to the comprehensive conditions of the venues.


Advantages of VRV System:

1. The VRV central air conditioner has a warm and comfortable air output, and the cooling (heat) is fast and strong; 
2. The indoor unit is centrally managed, and one indoor unit can be started to run alone, or multiple indoor units can be started at the same time. It is more energy-saving.
3. VRF air conditioning system has a long service life and a very low unit failure rate. It is basically self-adjustment and diagnosis, no special maintenance is required, and the outdoor unit service life is as long as 30 years, which greatly saves maintenance costs.


Advantages of Water-cooled Screw Chiller:

1. Semi-closed Dual Screw Compressor for High-efficiency Unit
● This compressor is designed for the water-cooled screw chiller according to actual pressure ratio, with good matching, reducing the over compression and insufficient compressor during the operation of compressor, thus enhancing system energy efficiency. 
● Self-developed efficient rotor type line (patent No.: CN201120008270.9), interdigitating gap is optimized, connection cable is short and the efficiency is even higher. 
● Three-level combined built-in oil separator, the efficiency is over 99.7%, making the system more stable with less noise. 
● The closed motor to avoid refrigerant leakage, built-in PTC temperature protector for the motor, effectively detect motor winding temperature. 


Advantages of Fan Coil Unit:

The combination of the fan coil unit and the central air conditioner can show many functions, such as creating an indoor air environment suitable for human comfort. The fan coil unit also needs to meet the indoor air environment required by the process production. For places with relatively high humidity and temperature requirements, the fan coil unit can play a good protective role.

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