Lithium Bromide Chiller

Lithium Bromide Chiller is one of the most commonly used absorption refrigerators in the world. Under the vacuum state, the lithium bromide absorption refrigerator uses water as the refrigerant and lithium bromide aqueous solution as the absorbent to produce low-temperature water above 0°C, which is mostly used in the central air-conditioning system. Lithium bromide refrigerators use the characteristics of water to lower its boiling point (only 4 degrees Celsius) in a high vacuum state to cool (using the latent heat of water boiling).


This refrigerator can use low-pressure water vapor or hot water above 75°C as a heat source, so it plays an important role in the utilization of exhaust gas, waste heat, solar energy and low-temperature heat energy.


The generator, condenser, evaporator and absorber of lithium bromide absorption refrigerator can be arranged in one cylinder (single cylinder type), or can be arranged in two cylinders (double cylinder type).