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Air Conditioning Solutions for Laos Shopping Mall

Project Location: Vientiane, Laos
Industry: Shopping Mall
Coverage Area: about 50000m2 for a 5-floor building.


Project Introduction: The host machine  - a water-cooled screw chiller, and terminal parts are provided by our company, including cooling tower, pipeline, machine room unit, fan coil, air conditioner, etc. The whole central air-conditioning system is designed by our company. According to the drawing provided by the customer, our technicians completed the design of the whole system, the project budget and the product list with high efficiency. At present, the whole project is basically completed, and the cooling tower and air conditioner are operating stably. Customers have much confidence about the quality of our products.


Product Scope: 80 ceiling type air conditioners, 220 fan coils, 6 cooling towers, water pumps, galvanized pipes, valves, etc.


Product Advantages: The fan coil and air conditioner have CE certification, with hydrophilic aluminum foil, high efficiency motor, for good refrigeration effect. The packing in the cross flow FRP cooling tower adopts the point wave plate with convex points on both sides. The point wave plate is bonded into a whole through the installation head to improve the rigidity. The convex points on both sides can also avoid direct water dripping, so the water film forming ability is improved. Water collection measures are set at the tail of the packing. The pump and other accessories are made of well-known brands such as Kaiquan, so the product quality is guaranteed.


Trouble Shooting: The customer installation team lacks professional installation skill when installing the cooling tower. After about 3 months of installation, there are still many problems, such as water leakage of the cooling tower water pan, poor panel installation and other problems. Our company sent professional installation personnel to the site for guidance, and corrected the installation parts with problems one by one. After one month's efforts, all six cooling towers were finally repaired and successfully commissioned.


Feedback: All products arrived in time, the equipment quality was stable, the installation progress was fast, the overall operation was stable, the service attitude was very good, and the customer was very satisfied.


After-sales: Our company will timely provide corresponding technical guidance services related to engineering design, installation, commissioning, acceptance, operation, maintenance, etc. The Laos office colleagues timely fed back the customer's problems to the headquarters, solved the customer's problems and won the customer's recognition and trust.

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