Fresh Air System

The fresh air system is an independent air treatment system composed of an air supply system and an exhaust air system. It has two types: ducted fresh air system and ductless fresh air system.


The ducted fresh air system is composed of fresh air fans and pipe fittings. The outdoor air is purified by the fresh air blower and introduced into the room, and the indoor air is discharged through the pipes; Relatively speaking, the ducted fresh air system is more suitable for industrial or large-area office areas due to a large amount of engineering, while the ductless fresh air system is more suitable for home use because of its convenient installation.


GMV6 VRF system outdoor can not only connect to normal indoor units to cooling and heating, such as wall-mounted indoor units, duct type indoor units, cassette type indoor units, floor-ceiling types, floor standing type,s and etc. Fresh air processing units can also connect GMV6 VRF outdoor units, to process and clean fresh air. 


Fresh air system satisfies multiple indoor fresh air supply demands with the following features:
Less investment: Combine air conditioning system and fresh air ventilation system, undertake partial fresh air load, and reduce the initial investment of air conditioning equipment.
Less operating cost: It adopts DC inverter technology, output of refrigerant can be adjusted according to actual situation, ensuring stable air supply and avoiding small load and large power.
Less installation space: Indoor unit links with VRF fresh air indoor unit, reducing outdoor installation space.


ERV System
GMV6 system can connect to ERV and ERV+DX COIL, which can realize air conditioning with fresh air ventilation.


Clean System
Gree direct-expansion air handling unit can be connected to Gree VRF system, so that the air handling unit is with the functions of VRF system and can meet the cooling/heating requirement in large-scale spaces. This air handling unit can be equipped with purification devices with various filter grade for meeting the purification requirements of different occasions.