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Duct Air Conditioner

Ducted air conditioner is a type of split air conditioner, which is larger than residential split air conditioners, it is usually hidden inside the ceiling, so it is also called a hidden air conditioner.

The duct air conditioners supply air to the room through air ducts. It adopts a high static pressure blower for long-distance air supply. The high static pressure fan is able to keep sufficient air delivered without being physically lost. But it also needs a long air duct. 


1. Relatively larger rooms of the residential house such as living room, bedroom, etc.
2. Restaurant, shop, clinic, hair salon, print shop, flower shop, training room, etc.


Structure and Working
In the ducted air conditioning system, the indoor/outdoor unit is a one-to-one configuration, the outdoor unit is composed of a compressor and an air-cooled condenser, and the indoor unit is composed of an evaporator and a circulating fan. The condenser of the outdoor unit is used to cool the air, and the condenser and the indoor evaporator are connected by steel pipes, and then the cold air is sent to each room through the indoor air supply pipe, and then returned to the indoor unit through the return air pipe. At this time, the hot air is cooled. In addition, the air duct can evenly arrange the air supply outlets in the room according to the indoor space.


1. Good concealment. There is no indoor unit protruding outside, avoiding affecting the room's appearance. But at the same time, there must be a certain space in the ceiling to hide the air outlet.

2. Less cost. Compared with the central air conditioner/VRF, it is cheap and needs less maintenance cost. 

3. Simple maintenance. The system is relatively simple, with no need for special management, just regular inspection.

4. Uniform air supply. The high static pressure fan is used to make sure the air pressure at the air outlet is relatively high, as long as the air duct is properly designed, the indoor airflow can be uniform. 

5. Beautiful and healthy. Generally, a house only needs one outdoor unit. The ducted air conditioner will mix some fresh air in the circulating air, which will improve the indoor air quality for healthy breathing. If a fresh air system is installed, the effect will be even better.

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