Water-cooled Screw Chiller

The high-efficiency water-cooled screw chiller is designed with advanced semi-enclosed dual-screw compressor, R134a eco-friendly refrigerant and vertical oil separator, making this chiller with stable performance, high efficiency, and energy saving.


This water-cooled screw chiller can be used as the cooling system for office buildings, hospitals, schools, shopping centers and production processing.


1. Semi-closed Dual Screw Compressor for High-efficiency Unit
● This compressor is designed for the water-cooled screw chiller according to actual pressure ratio, with good matching, reducing the over compression and insufficient compressor during the operation of compressor, thus enhancing system energy efficiency. 
● Self-developed efficient rotor type line (patent No.: CN201120008270.9), interdigitating gap is optimized, connection cable is short and the efficiency is even higher. 
● Three-level combined built-in oil separator, the efficiency is over 99.7%, making the system more stable with less noise. 
● The closed motor to avoid refrigerant leakage, built-in PTC temperature protector for the motor, effectively detect motor winding temperature. 

Semi-closed Dual Screw Compressor

2. Flooded-type Evaporator 
Refrigerant is evenly distributed in the evaporator. With a flooded type evaporator, evaporation temperature is increased and so is the heat exchange efficiency. Together with a screw compressor that is specialized for flooded type chiller, the unit’s cooling capacity and energy efficiency ratio is greatly improved. COP can reach 6.2.2.

3. Reliable Oil Return

With the patented high-efficiency oil separator and injection-type oil return, the unit can still achieve reliable oil return even when it is running under poor working conditions. The unit is designed with low oil protection to avoid compressor damage caused by oil shortages.


4. Stepless Adjustment