Precision Air Conditioner

The precision air conditioner is a special air conditioner designed for the electrical room with modern electronic equipment. The working accuracy and reliability of precision air conditioners are much higher than traditional air conditioners. 


The main components of the precision air conditioning system include the compressor, evaporator, heater, air-cooled condenser, controller, humidification tank, thermal expansion valve, sight glass, drying filter, filter screen, etc. For the water-cooled series, the indoor unit also includes a plate heat exchanger, a water flow control valve, and a water supply solenoid valve.


Why We Need Precision AC Unit
We all know that electrical equipment and program-controlled switch products are placed in the electrical room. It consists of a large number of dense electronic components. To improve the stability and reliability of these devices, it is necessary to strictly control the temperature and humidity of the environment within a specific range: 22℃~24℃(72℉~75℉) for temperature and 35%~50% for humidity. The electric room precision air conditioner can control the temperature and relative humidity of the electrical room within ±1 degree Celsius, thus greatly improving the life and reliability of the equipment.


These AC units are widely used in high-precision environments such as computer rooms, program-controlled switch rooms, satellite mobile communication stations, large medical equipment rooms, laboratories, test rooms, and precision electronic instrument production workshops. This environment has strict requirements for temperature, humidity, cleanliness, and airflow distribution, which must be guaranteed by special electrical room precision air-conditioning equipment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.