Window Air Conditioner

The window air conditioner is an integrated residential air conditioner, which is generally installed through the wall or on the window frame. Advantages of this AC unit: low power consumption, cheap price, and very convenient to move; Disadvantages: large noise. But for some small-sized family houses, it is still a good choice.



1. Low price. This is because the manufacture of window air conditioners requires less materials and lower costs.

2. Convenient installation. As an all-in-one machine, there is fewer installation requirement and fewer technical requirements.

3. Easy to maintain. Because the refrigerant of the window type AC unit is sealed in the refrigeration system and has been seal tested before leaving the factory, there is less chance of refrigerant leakage and less maintenance.

4. Noisy. Since the compressor and fan of the window air conditioner are not completely isolated from the room, the noise can be obvious in the room.

5. Low power consumption. Due to the small cooling loss.

6. Bad room lighting. Since there is no air conditioner position reserved in the architectural design of the general living room, the installation of the window air conditioner on the window will affect the lighting inside the room.


1. Do not let the air-conditioning vent blow to people so that the temperature of the whole space will be lowered.
2. Clean air conditioners to ensure air quality.
3. Open windows frequently for ventilation or put an air purifier in the room.
4. The temperature control of the window AC unit is mechanical, so users need to turn the temperature control knob to small until the room temperature feels comfortable before the compressor stops. 
5. Note that the compressor will turn on when the temperature rises about 2 Celsius degrees. If the above does not work, you need to replace the thermostat. (Refrigeration) 1300W cooling power = 1300*1 hour = 1.3 degrees, per hour (heating) 3000W heating power = 3000*1 hour = 3 degrees Electricity per hour, of course, setting level 1 is the most energy-saving, actually, the settings is temperature adjustment, and turn to set 3 is the most suitable.