Modular Type Scroll Chillers

E Series Modular Type Scroll Chillers have a compact and flexible modularized structure, which can be widely used for newly built and retrofitted large and medium-sized industrial and civil air conditioning projects, like apartments, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, shopping malls, theaters, gyms, factories, hospital, etc. It is also the ideal choice for where there is a high requirement for noise and ambient environments and it is inconvenient to install the cooling tower.


New Appearance Design
For the E series units, it is of beautiful appearance, highlighted outlines, and powerful bisual impact.
The zinc-Nickle alloy screws have been put into use for high corrosion-proof corrosion and reliability for the whole unit.
Wide operation Range
Ambient operation temperature for E series Modular unit is 0-46℃ and temperature range of water outlet is 5-20℃
Powerful Compatibility
Different models can be modularized freely and up to 16 units can be modularized in parallel.
It can be modularized with any D series model.
High-efficiency Shell and Tube
The dual-flow design can greatly improve the heat exchanging effect and the capacity of the unit. 
The specially designed header box and flow distributor can largely improve the evenness of the refrigerant vapor-liquid mixture after throttling and then improve the heat exchanging capacity of the shell and tube.
Low-noise Operation
Through active and passive noise reduction technologies, the noise of the model 130 can be lowered to 69dB(A), for creating a quiet and comfortable environment for the user.


Compressor Operation Balance Technology
The unique compressor operation balance technology makes sure that each compressor operates in turn, which greatly prolongs the lifespan of the compressor.
Free Master Module Design
Any single unit can operate as the master once connected with the wired controller. It overcomes the problem which would occur to the product of other manufacturers that the whole system would fail to work properly when the fixed master unit malfunctions.
Super Protection Functions
This series is equipped with an advanced microcomputer control system, completed protection functions and powerful error diagnosis function.
Main protection functions: compressor high pressure protection, compressor low-pressure protection, compressor overload protection, anti-freezing protection, waterflow switch protection, temperature sensor protection, phase sequence protection, high discharge temperature protection, etc.