Rooftop Air Conditioning Unit

Roof-top air-conditioning unit is a large and medium-sized overall air-conditioning equipment with its own cold source and air cooling. It consists of three sections: compression condensation section, evaporation filter section and air supply section. Its refrigeration, heating, humidification, air supply, air purification, electrical control, etc. are all assembled in a horizontal box. 


Roof air conditioning units can be divided into single cooling type, electric heating type, constant temperature and humidity type, constant temperature and humidity clean type, heat pump type and so on.

Environment Consideration
The roof-mounted air conditioning unit is treated with anti-corrosion, sun-proof, rain-proof and explosion-proof treatment on the structure and surface, so that it can be installed on the roof or on the outdoor platform.


The roof air conditioner is widely used in the large and medium-sized workshops which is no water resource system or lack of water resource.


The rooftop air-conditioning unit has its own cooling source which is an air-conditioning unit composed of a compressed air-cooled condenser and a refrigerant expansion direct evaporator. It does not require cooling water and refrigeration water systems, so there is no need to set cooling towers, cooling water pumps, refrigeration water pumps and corresponding Pipelines, and some electronic control devices.