Household Central Air Conditioner


A Household central air conditioner is a small independent air-conditioning system that is suitable for large-space families, office buildings, etc. Different from the large-scale building HVAC systems and home split AC units, the home central air conditioner is concentrated in the indoor air conditioner load. The amount of cold (thermal) generated is to be transported to the room through a certain medium to achieve the purpose of indoor air adjustment. Depending on the different central air-conditioning (heat) load transmission mediums, the home central air conditioner can be 3 types: air duct system, cold (thermal) water system, and refrigerant system.


Working Principle:
The central air conditioner is equipment that is controlled by an outer unit to connect multiple indoor units through an air duct or refrigerant to achieve indoor air-tuning programs in different rooms. It uses an air duct to send wind, and the host controls multiple different rooms and introduces fresh air.

Household central air conditioner refers to the air conditioner that produces cold (heat) from an outdoor unit to produce cold (heat), which is a small commercial air conditioning system. The home central air conditioner is divided into two types: an air source system and a water system. The air source system is composed of an outdoor unit, indoor hosts, air supply pipelines, and air outlets and regulating valves of each room; the water system consists of an outdoor unit, water pipes, circulating water pumps, and indoor end units (fan coil unit, installation device, etc.)


Household central air-conditioning is designed with advanced technology and has superior performance such as separate billing and power outage compensation. Through clever design and installation, it can realize the harmonious unity of beauty, elegance, and comfort, and meets the development trend.

The inner unit can be installed in various styles such as embedded, stuck, and hidden floor-to-ceiling. Each style has many models to the corresponding solutions for options. This provides users with a lot of choices. It also matches indoor decoration, which can truly meet the user's personalized needs.