Portable Mobile Air Conditioner

Mobile air conditioner is a kind of portable all-in-one AC unit without installation. It is designed with a small size, high energy efficiency ratio, less noise, and can be placed in different houses at will.

This mobile air conditioner combines the compressors, exhaust fans, electric heaters, evaporators, and air-cooled fin condensers into the body. The body is equipped with power plugs, and four universal casters, so that the air conditioner can be freely moved. 

The control system can be 2 ways: manual and remote control. Once the AC unit is turned on, the hidden air outlet will automatically open to blow out the surrounding 3D wind.


1. Offices, outdoor temporary centers, open workshops;
2. Computer room, instrument room, and other places with high precision requirements;
3. Multi-purpose houses, kitchens, etc.;
4. Frequent relocation and rental of buildings.


1. The cooling effect in the local area is faster than that of traditional air conditioners. For example, to prevent overheating of computers, meters, and other equipment, the air outlet can be directly adjusted to the state of direct blowing to the front to achieve the cooling effect.
2. It has no outdoor unit, so it no need to consider the placement position of the outdoor unit, it is as convenient as a fan, plug, and play. For example, the overtime workers in the office building only need to use the exhaust pipe to discharge the hot air to a distance, and immediately have a cool space.
3. Equipped with universal wheels, it can be moved to the desired place, which is more convenient and practical. For example: whether it is a guest room or a kitchen, you can move as you please.
4. Mobile air conditioners provide irreplaceable convenience for places where outdoor units cannot be installed, and are the best supplement to central air conditioners.