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Air Conditioning Solutions for UAE Expo

Sparkey Central Air Conditioner has designed a set of customized smart energy-saving air conditioning solutions for the whole space, including air-cooled magnetic levitation central air conditioner, IOT VRF, air handler, etc., in the high temperature climate environment in Dubai and the complex space structure, to better meet the air needs of different space scenes in the expo hall.


Faced with the requirements of water scarcity and strict control of energy consumption in Dubai, the T3 air-cooled magnetic suspension chiller scheme provided by Sparkey not only saves water, but also operates efficiently, saving 50% energy. 


In view of the large space in the expo hall, the high static pressure and large air volume air handler provided by Sparkey not only meets the requirements of the ceiling height of 10 meters in the venue and the space with complex structural design for air volume and high efficiency and energy conservation, but also effectively ensures the optimal temperature and humidity in the venue while purifying the air, meeting the quiet and comfortable requirements in the venue. 


The T3 IoT VRF solution can meet the intelligent control needs of the venue VIP space through self networking, self energy saving, self optimization and other differential advantages, and can achieve accurate temperature control and stable operation of the indoor temperature.

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