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Air-cooled Screw Chiller and Heat Pump Project for Singapore Office Building

Sparkey provided an Air-cooled Screw Chiller and heat pump solution for an office building in Singapore. This project including 4 full set units, pipes, installation, testing, commissioning, training, and spare parts service.

Singapore building

As we know, Singapore is situated near the equator and has a typically tropical climate, with abundant rainfall, high and uniform temperatures (23~34℃), and high humidity (65%~90%) all year round. Based on the climate and customer requirements, we made a considerable proposal with the following features:


1.    All units are designed with high quality refrigeration part, advanced balanced thermal expansion valve and dry filter, so the whole system is with the features of low consumption, green, flexible, stable performance, etc.
2.    Cost-effective;
3.    Centralized control;
4.    The heat exchanges technology with soft and comfortable air;
5.    Precise temperature control, the temperature difference ±0.5℃;
6.    Microcomputer control technology makes it easier to use.

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