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Duct Type Air Conditioning System for Saudi Arabia Shops

Recently, Sparkey provided duct type air conditioning solutions for shops in Saudi Arabia. In response to the needs of Saudi users, we timely upgraded the products, launched healthy and efficient air duct systems for them.


Nowadays, people attaches importance to healthy air, and Sparkey has customized a health module for this purpose. On the basis of energy saving and wide range operation of the original duct air conditioner, our air solution adds a healthy sterilization module and fresh air system function, which can carry out nano level deep purification, efficient sterilization and haze removal, increase indoor fresh air, and greatly improve indoor air quality.


Sparkey air duct units also reserves WIFI centralized control function, so that users can remotely and intelligently control the equipment through mobile phones to improve the user experience. In addition to customizing solutions for users, our duct type air conditioner has also won SASO, ESMA, CB, etc.


At present, in addition to providing healthy air solutions to Saudi users, Sparkey Central Air Conditioner has also customized air solutions for 2 public hospitals in Malaysia. Through remote interaction technology, Sparkey Central Air Conditioner have been unanimously recognized by customers.

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