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Magnetic Suspension Water-cooled Chiller System for Thailand Airport

Sparkey carried out a magnetic suspension central air conditioning project for an airport in Thailand, which includes 5 magnetic suspension water-cooled chiller units. The outstanding feature of the air conditioning system is low power consumption.


Product energy saving and high quality are the primary concerns of this project. It is understood that the Thai government strictly control the high energy-consuming products. Thailand is located in tropical regions. It is hot and high temperatures all year round. The central air-conditioning has a high energy consumption throughout the year, resulting in a large burden on the overall energy consumption of the building. 


So, Sparkey air conditioning system meets the requirement of energy consumption. What is the advantages of the energy saving of magnetic suspension central air conditioners? After the renewal of old systems, the energy consumption under the same working conditions was reduced by 50 %, which also strengthened the confidence of customers to choose our products.

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