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Modular Chillers for Turkey Power Plant

Sparkey made another Central Air Conditioning project for a power plant in Turkey. We provided full range products including VRFs, modular chillers and precision air conditioners and other products, with a total cooling capacity of 500HP, and provides professional services for after-sales maintenance for this project.


The project is located in Zongguldak, Turkey, and is one of the important power stations in Turkey. The project has high requirements for anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, dust-proof, etc.


Advantages of VRF System:

1. The VRV central air conditioner has a warm and comfortable air output, and the cooling (heat) is fast and strong; 
2. The indoor unit is centrally managed, and one indoor unit can be started to run alone, or multiple indoor units can be started at the same time. It is more energy-saving.
3. VRF air conditioning system has a long service life and a very low unit failure rate. It is basically self-adjustment and diagnosis, no special maintenance is required, and the outdoor unit service life is as long as 30 years, which greatly saves maintenance costs.

Modular Chiller

Advantages of Modular Chiller:

New Appearance Design
For the E series units, it is of beautiful appearance, highlighted outlines, and powerful bisual impact.
The zinc-Nickle alloy screws have been put into use for high corrosion-proof corrosion and reliability for the whole unit.
Wide operation Range
Ambient operation temperature for E series Modular unit is 0-46℃ and temperature range of water outlet is 5-20℃
Powerful Compatibility
Different models can be modularized freely and up to 16 units can be modularized in parallel.
It can be modularized with any D series model.
High-efficiency Shell and Tube
The dual-flow design can greatly improve the heat exchanging effect and the capacity of the unit. 
The specially designed header box and flow distributor can largely improve the evenness of the refrigerant vapor-liquid mixture after throttling and then improve the heat exchanging capacity of the shell and tube.
Low-noise Operation
Through active and passive noise reduction technologies, the noise of the model 130 can be lowered to 69dB(A), for creating a quiet and comfortable environment for the user.


Advantages of Precision AC Unit:

The precision AC units are widely used in high-precision environments such as computer rooms, program-controlled switch rooms, satellite mobile communication stations, large medical equipment rooms, laboratories, test rooms, and precision electronic instrument production workshops. This environment has strict requirements for temperature, humidity, cleanliness, and airflow distribution, which must be guaranteed by special electrical room precision air-conditioning equipment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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