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VRV and Heat Pump Solutions for Cambodia Hotel Project

Under the guidance of the principle of mutual benefit and win-win results of the Belt and Road, Sparkey Central Air Conditioning is actively committed to the construction of the Belt and Road Policy between China and Cambodia, providing high-quality air conditioning solutions for many projects.


Sparkey once again provides HVAC solutions for a 5-star hotel in Cambodia. This hotel covers an area of 12,000m2 and a building area of nearly 29,000 m2, it is located in Sihanouk City, the second largest city in Cambodia.


Sparkey provides a full range of solutions for the project, including variable frequency centrifuges, MDVX full DC variable frequency VRV air energy heat pump water heaters. At the initial stage of the project bidding, in the face of strong competition from Japanese and Korean brands, Sparkey won the favor of customers with more stable and energy-saving technology, good after-sales installation services and improved supply channels, which also laid a solid foundation for further cooperation in the future.

Heat Pump
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