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VRV System for Jordan Villa Project

The project is located in Aqaba, Jordan, which is the only seaport in Jordan. With high temperature all the year round, the villa is directly adjacent to the sea and has high requirements for anti-corrosion. It is the most eye-catching villa project in Jordan in recent years.


The project adopts Sparkey V4+S intelligent VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) central air conditioning system with a total cooling capacity of 746HP. 


Features of V4+S intelligent VRV System:

  • Compact design, thin body, suitable for installation in small space;

  • 2 air supply modes (downward supply and downward return, side outlet and downward return), which is flexible for users’ requirement;

  • It is equipped with enzyme sterilization air purification device and high efficiency filter to keep the air clean;

  • Unidirectional air supply, which can be flexibly installed in corners;

  • The capacity: 1 ~ 20hp;

  • Silent design, running with ultra-low noise;

  • The indoor unit has beautiful appearance with thin body, which can flexibly match the room decoration style, save ceiling installation space;

  • Humanized air supply mode and wide air supply range can effectively achieve the effect of uniform air supply with different types of rooms;

  • It is especially suitable for hotels, restaurants, business halls, classrooms, meeting rooms, office buildings, families, villas and other places. 

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