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Wall-mounted Air Conditioner for Philippines Garden Apartment

Recently, Sparkey carried out another air conditioning project in the Philippines for a garden apartment. 


The residential apartment is featured with the small and comfortable area, so the small outdoor units are easily placed under the bay window. And the precious indoor space cannot be occupied by big equipment. Thus we provides the residential split-type wall-mounted AC units for this whole project. The exquisite indoor units are matched with a variety of decoration styles to meet different design needs.


The wall-mounted AC units have fashionable design, noble and elegant, beautiful and generous. When the air conditioner is turned off, the air-conditioning board is automatically closed to avoid dust from entering the body. In the heating mode, the air supply board can perform a 90 ° vertical waterfall-type air supply, so that the hot air sinks to the lower part of the room space to improve the heating effect.


Features: The customers said “We have a close cooperation relationship with Sparkey engineering and has jointly carried out a number of projects, so when completing the Garden Apartment Project, Sparkey Engineering is our first choice. After a detailed understanding of the project, Sparkey's suggestion to us is to use flexible air-conditioning solutions with simple operation and convenient maintenance. It turns out that Sparkey Engineering is a very good partner for us. "

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