Water-cooled Screw Chiller Project for Bangladesh Banknote Printing Factory

In September 2021, Sparkey undertook the air conditioning host system project of Bangladesh Banknote Printing Factory. Sparkey has customized the cold water host system for the production workshop and office area of Bangladesh Banknote Printing Plant, so as to create a better working environment for workers. 


The project products include two 400 TR water-cooled screw chillers, one 450 ton cooling tower, two cooling pumps, two refrigeration pumps and other auxiliary materials for installation pipeline. It is planned to control the room temperature at 25 ℃.


Sparkey timely sent professional engineers to the project site to guide the installation. Through communication with the agent and the customer and the on-site installation guidance personnel overcame many difficulties, which took two months. The system was installed and operated normally, and customer operators were trained in real time for success handling of the system.