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Difference and Comparison between Water-cooled and Fluorine Air Conditioner

Updated: Feb 11

At present, the central air conditioners on the market can be fluorine air conditioners and water-cooled air conditioners. The fluorine air conditioners are commonly seen in our daily life. However, most people do not know that there are water-cooled air conditioners. Today, I will tell you what water-cooled air conditioning system is and the difference between water-cooled and fluorine air conditioners.

Water Cooled Air Conditioner

Working Principle:

Water-cooled air conditioning system is to use water as the medium, transport hot or cold water to the indoor terminal device through the water pipe network, and use the heat exchange between water and air to achieve the purpose of cooling or heating. It is suitable for central air conditioning places.

Inner Unit of Split AC

Fluorine air conditioner is to use Freon as the transmission medium to control the refrigerant circulation volume of the compressor and the refrigerant flow rate entering the indoor heat exchangers, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling or heating. Fluorine air conditioners are relatively popular in China. The technology is mainly from Japan, and the cooling and heating are relatively fast, which is more suitable for small-area rooms.


Compared with fluorine air conditioner, water-cooled air conditioner is more stable, because all the hot/cold water is processed in outer unit and inner unit is just for heat exchanging, they are separated. While the fluorine air conditioner needs both outer unit and inner unit working together for heat exchanging.

Home Air Conditioning System
Home Air Conditioning System

Environmental Protection:

In terms of environmental protection, the refrigerant of water-cooled ac unit is sealed in the main unit, which will not pollute the environment. The indoor unit uses water as the medium, so there is no potential safety hazard of polluting the environment. While, Freon is the culprit of the greenhouse effect. Leakage of Freon will not only destroy the ozone layer, but also damage human health. In comparison, the water ecological central air conditioner is better than the fluorine air conditioner.

Household Air Conditioning System
Household Air Conditioning System


The temperature of the air outlet of the water air conditioner is more easily accepted by the human body, and the air is softer, less irritating to the body, very comfortable, and friendly to the health of the family. While, the temperature of the air outlet of the fluorine air conditioner is not that even. At the same time, the refrigeration of the fluorine air conditioner will also suck away the moisture in the room, resulting in a particularly dry room. So the comfort of water air conditioners is obviously far superior to that of fluorine air conditioners.

In summary, the two systems have different development histories, different working principles, and different applicable scenarios. Consumers can choose the air conditioner that suits them according to the above distinctions.

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